PhaseOne C1 LE for the Mac

I just received some very pleasant vendor email–the “LE” level of PhaseOne’s C1 DSLR raw image processing software is now available for OS X. C1 comes in 3 flavors: LE, SE, and Pro. The SE ($250) and Pro ($500) versions have been available for the Mac for a while, but not the LE ($99) version. I’ve been tempted to buy C1 for a while, but I just can’t see paying $250 for it. If I was a Windows user, then I’d have bought the LE version a year or so ago.

I’m off to download the free trial…

Posted by Scott Laird Fri, 30 Jul 2004 01:50:29 GMT


  1. Tim 2 days later:

    C1 produces some great images, but is limited to 20 raw conversions per batch in the LE version (and no, not just the trial - look at the feature sheet). And it’s somewhat slow on my Mac for 6MP D100 files - ~ 1 1/2 minutes per conversion. Hope you plan on buying a G5 sometime soon :)

    I have a comparison running -

    • dcraw (Dave Coffin’s free command-line converter, a program distributed as a single, 4000-line .c source)
    • Bibble for Linux
    • Adobe Camera Raw (PSCS)
    • Capture One LE Trial

    All on default settings.

    C1 pretty much wins the contest. It’s more consistent (with the set of pictures I used, at least). Bibble beats it in an image or two, as does PS CS, but C1 wins overall.

    Dcraw is an interesting program (especially since it’s free - beer & speech), but it really tries to pull out as much contrast from the picture as possible. So this leads it to lose a lot of tonal subtlety, especially in shadows. I took the pictures I did to specifically look for this behavior - they’re lateish day sun-lit shrubs and such, for a lot of bright next to shadow. It failed pretty miserably on these.

    Bibble oversaturated everything. I’ll have to fiddle with the settings to see if I can get something more pleasing. Other than the oversaturation Bibble did an outstanding job.

    PS CS washed everything out. Too much brightness added by default. Again, probably easy to futz with the defaults for this. But I fear that bumping the brightness down will not only get rid of the washed-out-ness, but well, make them too dark :)

    I’m running another set through dcraw, with a much more recent version of the code. Maybe this one will be better.

    I’m not a patient guy when it comes to hand- editing my captured images. I just want a fire and forget raw converter. I don’t want to have to futz with every single one. Maybe C1 Pro and a dual-G5 are my answer?

  2. freeman 5 months later:

    i just like it