Gmail invites

I have 4 spare gmail invites. Anyone want one?

Posted by Scott Laird Thu, 26 Aug 2004 21:27:32 GMT


  1. Matt Mastracci about 1 hour later:

    If noone else has ‘em so far, I’ll take one. :)

  2. Scott Laird about 1 hour later:

    Okay, sent. Anyone else?

  3. Andrew Park about 2 hours later:

    Hey that would be exceedingly useful to me. May I have one?Thanks!

  4. Ryan about 2 hours later:

    I would really like one if there are anymore available.

  5. Scott Laird about 2 hours later:

    Okay, that’s it for now. I’ll post again when I get more.

  6. Matt 7 days later:

    How did you get them? I signed up for the “trial” ages ago but never got any response.

  7. Jon 18 days later:

    I’ve got a few invites left. If you can fufill one of these you may be able to snag one:

    1 - Sign up my conga lines on my forum (Fresh, only 2 posts so far)

    2 - Provide me with a non-registered, steam ready Counter Strike: Condition Zero cd-key (must test before deal)

    3 - Register and make 5, quality, posts in my forum

    After you finish one of these PM me in my forum. My forum:

  8. Frog 18 days later:

    I have a few Gmail invites available here:

  9. trey about 1 month later:

    can i have a gmail invite please.

  10. arjun about 1 month later:

    could i pls have a gmail invite thnx a lot

  11. Rene maisonneuve about 1 month later:

    Please i need g-mail im still stuck with hotmail! Please!

  12. Zainol Abidin Pawanchee about 1 month later:

    Plz spare me one gmail invite if you still have anymore left.

    Thanks for your kind consideration.