Asterisk 1.2

It looks like Asterisk 1.2 is out. From the release announcement:

This release of Asterisk contains over 3,000 improvements on version 1.0, including hundreds of new features and applications.

I’m planning on upgrading my home Asterisk server soon, possibly today, and then I’ll look at migrating pieces of my dial plan to RAGI and/or AEL.

Posted by Scott Laird Thu, 17 Nov 2005 14:08:49 GMT


  1. JonR800 about 15 hours later:

    Any luck with the upgrade? Did you get a chance to start? I’m actually a little disappointed. There’s a lot of good stuff sitting in the bug tracker that should have made it into 1.2. Oh well.

  2. topfunky 13 days later:

    There was a great presentation on RAGI at Seattle.rb last night. Cool stuff, and I hope to use it soon.