Nokia E70 SIP Documentation

The FCC was polite enough to post the users manual for Nokia’s upcoming E70 phone on their web site, and it makes for fascinating reading. The manual doesn’t go into a lot of details about features, but there are a few fun tidbits hiding in there. First, the phone clearly supports SIP-based VoIP services. There’s a SIP configuration section in the setup menus. The manual explicitly states that the phone will attempt to make 911 calls via the cellular network whenever possible; I’m not sure what this implies about other calls–is there a way to explicitly choose which network is used for each call, or is it implicit somehow?

Surprisingly, the N80’s manual also lists a section for configuring SIP settings, but I didn’t see any details in the manual on actually making SIP calls.

Page 67 has another surprise: the phone includes an RSS reader of some sort. The manual explains how to subscribe to blog feeds.

There are a few more E70 documents on the FCC’s website, including internal and external pictures.

My current phone contract has expired, and I’m just waiting for the right phone to come along. I’ve been tempted to order a 6682 and be done with it, but the N80, N91, and E70 are all approved by the FCC now, and I’d be much happier with any of them then I’d be with the 6682, so I’m willing to wait another month or two. A couple shopping sites online claim that the N80 will ship at the end of February, but I don’t know how believable they are. No matter how you slice it, though, the US models of these three phones are getting closer, and Nokia is clearly making an effort to promote them in the US market.

Mind you, I doubt that T-Mobile or Cingular will actually be shipping any of these phones any time in the next month or two (or three, or four).

Posted by Scott Laird Mon, 06 Feb 2006 20:23:00 GMT


  1. Ryan Daigle about 4 hours later:

    I’ve been in a holding pattern just like yourself, waiting for the right phone to come along. The Nokia e-series seems to be the perfect solution, and the SIP-based VOIP features have me drooling. An end of February release would be great, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  2. Scott Laird about 4 hours later:

    Yeah, I don’t really expect to see the E70 this month, but the N80 cleared the FCC in December, and was rumored to be scheduled for a late-January Cingular launch until recently. There’s a chance that it could show up sooner–Nokia’s US website lists it under “coming soon.”

  3. Tim about 15 hours later:

    Still holding on here, too. N80 is very very tempting, and the idea of it having SIP is all the more appealing. Plus anything to get away from this evil Sony-ericsson I’ve got, too, bonus…

  4. Rico 1 day later:


    Thanks for your comment on the blog. I agree that even were Verizon to introduce the phone they’d slash the best features, effectively neutering the damned thing. I only wish T-mobile or Cingular had data services like Verizon :I

    C’est la vie! I’ll be right there on the first day they sell an e70 with a discount, though, no matter whose network backs it.

    Interesting tidbit about the SIP compliant phone… wouldn’t that make it a supremely awesome wifi/bt2 enabled VoIP handset? Rock on \m/

  5. Bob Aman 15 days later:

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on an N80 since I first saw the specs for it. I hear that Cingular wasn’t particularly pleased when they saw that it didn’t support 850Mhz WCDMA and they asked Nokia to add in support for it, and that they won’t actually begin selling it until that’s in place. But that’s just what I read somewhere on the net, so… grain of salt I suppose. I want one bad, and I can’t wait to have my stupid contract with Verizon run out. (Note to self: Find out when that is.)

  6. dijitalboy 23 days later:

    I’m waiting for the E70 also… and just getting enough “feed” to keep me hooked! I thought about getting the 6822 also (to feed the craving) but I’m holding out till end of march! I don’t understand why Nokia does not give actual Release Dates for the device… This Q1.2006 thing is not working for me :)

  7. mikael about 1 month later:

    We’re testing one at work right now, and I just can’t seem to get SIP working. Nothing is showing up in my Asterisk CLI. Just getting a registration failed message in the phone’s SIP settings.

  8. null 2 months later:


    I have a working prototype E70 at the moment - but still can’t get the VOIP to work. As mikael said, kept on getting the Registration Failed message. Any luck anyone?

  9. 4 months later:

    I,ve got the E70 You should knew a few things about the E70 and VoiP I thought i can make VoiP calls over any Hotspot oder at home. But NO …you can´t …onlx some special provider can do this with this sip protocoll. in one word, you need a special Business Software. So this phone is not for using VoiP for the normal consumer.

    Greetings from Vienna


  10. Scott Laird 4 months later:

    This isn’t really true, at least for the E60 and E61. It’ll talk to Asterisk just fine, but it can’t handle NAT. So, it isn’t going to work very well from hotspots, but it’ll work fine from within businesses or homes with a local VoIP server.

  11. Jan Berger 5 months later:

    OUr company is offering the SIP service for E60, E61 and E70. Mainly for Norwegian customers, but if some of you that have these phones like to sign up and try, in English, let me know or send an email to support @ and say you have one of this phones and would like to test, then our support team will help you.

    It works great :)

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