Nokia E61 First Impressions

I love FedEx–they somehow managed to deliver my new Nokia E61 today instead of Monday, so I have the whole weekend to play with it.

A few first impressions:

  1. It’s much more solid then it appears on the website. It has a metal case, and everything about it feels well-made.
  2. The screen is wonderful. It’s big, bright, and easy to read. While doesn’t have as many pixels as some of the other models in Nokia’s latest lineup, I have nothing to complain about. The text fonts for the browser and office apps are small enough that it’ll fit a lot of text on the screen.
  3. It seems to work fine with Asterisk. I was able to make and receive a few VoIP phone calls over WiFi without any problems.
  4. The built-in web browser works well enough. I was able to check gmail and look up a few directions without a problem. Strangely, the only site that hasn’t worked for me is I think Google’s trying to feed the phone a WAP page or something, while the phone is expecting HTML. It shouldn’t be hard to fix.
  5. Google Maps for Mobile phones works great. That’s half of the reason that I wanted a new phone :-).
  6. The audio quality is better then my old T616.
  7. The keyboard is good. I’m not used to the layout yet, and it’s weird having to hit a shift key to get numbers, but it’s better then Graffiti.
  8. I’ve had some weird problems when copying large files using the USB cable. For some reason, the transfer locks up from time to time. Unplugging the cable solves the problem without rebooting either end, but it’s annoying. I should probably find a USB-to-SD adapter; it’ll be faster.

I’ll post more later, once I’ve had a chance to really break it in.

Posted by Scott Laird Sat, 17 Jun 2006 05:10:08 GMT


  1. Boris Mann about 10 hours later:

    Congrats on the new phone, Scott! Roland apparently just got an N91 in the mail from blogger relations.

    I want an E61 with a camera, basically.

    I can’t believe how long we’ve all waited for new Nokia models…

    Will see you at Gnomedex.

  2. Scott Laird 2 days later:

    Yeah, I’d love an E61 with a camera. For now, though, I’m happier with an E61 and no camera then I’d be with anything on the market with a camera.

    Maybe next year. E63 anyone?

  3. ( (Anders) 3 days later:

    I’ve had my E61 for about a month now. My previous device was a Treo 650 so I had similar issues getting used to not having a camera and no touchscreen.

    Now, I don’t miss touchsreen, as my Treo always went off/launched various apps, because of the touchscreen. I’m actually happy that it doesn’t have touchscreen (I don’t have to be as careful with the screen as I was with the Treo).

    But I agree about the camera… that would have been nice…

  4. David 10 days later:

    Do you have any experience using E61 with Vonage Softphone (SIP) service? I’m looking to buy the E61, and need VOIP to be compatible with either Skype or Vonage to receive calls on the go.

  5. Joe 25 days later:

    Hi Scott,

    I have had my E61 for about a week now. Overall, I really do like it but I can’t seem to get IMAP mail to work with the automatic retrieval. I would love to know if you have this working, I noticed you posted about it on

    Here’s the thread I’m talking about which explains my issue.

  6. Joe 25 days later:

    Sorry that last link didn’t paste well… Here it is again:

  7. Augusto about 1 month later:

    Sorry folks but I’m disagreeing with the camera issue. Every single item that you add to the phone will increases the side of it. This E61 has a better option than a camera and is how thin it is. So for me that is perfect. I have only a couple issues with the contacts of this phone. When I press any contact item to edit or to view the information inside, the systems took almost 10 seconds in show me the information. I found out that the only way to solve that was reset it the phone to the original factory setup. I did it and right know the contacts issues are gone. Pretty sure the issue appears when I install some other software’s that didn’t come with the phone. Any way I more than happy with the phone right know

  8. Pasha 2 months later:

    Scott, I’ve made a blog dedicated to Nokia e61 if you intrested in setting up VOIP or even Skype on your phone you can get info here:


    Feel free to ask me any question about e61, I’ll be happy to help you.

    Regards, Pasha

  9. Harsh 2 months later:

    Hi everyone! I am new to the E61. Just bought it 3 days ago and its the best nokia i have ever had, And i have had plentys of them(3650, ngage,6260, NSeries…). I have some isues with the phone, which i hope some one can help me solve. 1.) I cant configure the emails to come to my E61. I heard you need some sort of a internet service, but cant this work using WLAN, as i am always inside my office? 2.) Cant play flash files. Not even the you tube videos! Isnt this what the flash player int he media section is for? 3.) How to stream videos using realplayer? Which formats to stream and can some one help me with a sample. Please reply at:

    Thank you.

    Right now i am on Tmobile with E61. (Anyone want a E61 Free with Tmobile 1 yr contract($49.99/month) please let me know at )

  10. Sebastian Guy 3 months later:

    Scott - have you seen Truphone - offering a SIP-based converged WiFi/GSM service with over the air configuration? or look at