Nokia E61 Firmware Upgrade

I bit the bullet this morning and upgraded my E61 to the new firmware release that’s been floating around. I was planning on putting it off until I got back home from California, but there was kind of an E61 upgrade party going on in the office (E61s are kind of popular at Google), and the guy before me didn’t have any problems, so I went ahead and bit the bullet. It took 20 minutes or so, but everything seems to work fine.

The process was simple:

  1. Run Tools/Memory and select ‘Backup phone mem.’ to back up everything to your flash card.
  2. Run the Windows-based Nokia firmware upgrader.
  3. Run Tools/Memory and restore your backup.

The only real change that I’ve seen is that my phone’s browser doesn’t lock up with a specific HTTPS site that I use anymore. Other then that, everything seems the same, including the inane behavior with IMAP IDLE servers. Unlike firmware 1.x, though, it doesn’t seem to hang the messaging app when it loses track of the IMAP session, so SMS still seems to work.

Posted by Scott Laird Tue, 12 Sep 2006 21:19:24 GMT


  1. JonR800 about 3 hours later:

    Hey Scott,

    How pocketable is the E61? Is there any chance of fitting it into some jean pockets? I’m not very big on belt holsters.

    The Blackberry Pearl has been tempting me, but I don’t want to install Blackberry’s server software just to get push email out of Exchange. Not to mention my provider charges $10 more per month for push email on the blackberry.


  2. Scott Laird about 4 hours later:

    It’s reasonably pocketable, but it kind of depends on your pockets :-). I usually wear cargo shorts, so pocket capacity isn’t really an issue for me.

    It’s a really wide phone, but it’s thin with a solid metal case. It fits better in shirt pockets then a lot of smaller phones that I’ve had, just because it’s thin for its width.

  3. Darryl Jackson 2 days later:

    Scott, where did you get the firmware and the Nokia firmware upgrader? What site?

  4. Mali 5 days later:

    Hi Have you tried syncing it with zyb. I really like this phone but i want it to be competibale with zyb because all of my phone data is backed up over there.

  5. Boris Mann about 1 month later:

    …and if you don’t have a PC you’re SOL? Urgh.

    I just got the E61 yesterday. A Hong Kong version filled with GPS stuff on it. Now all I need is an external Bluetooth GPS.

    I’m kind of missing a camera already…

  6. rajkumar about 1 month later:


    did you manage to backup and restore your sms.caz i just dont seem to find any option to do that. please letme know.

  7. Matt S 2 months later:

    Just received the E61 yesterday. It is a Honk Kong version with Planet 3 configuration.

    Does anyone know how to clean out this configuration and have the normal Nokia configuration?

  8. ian mcgrady 4 months later:

    I use this phone on TMobile. Nokia doesn’t support it in the US, TMobile doesn’t support it at all, and J&R Music world, who sold it to me, disavows any kind of responisibility for selling me a T-Mobile phone.

    I find the operating system to be stable, and people don’t complain about call quality. I drop it all the time and it still works well.

    Main complaint is that it doesn’t sync, and the network doesn’t support 1/2 of its many great features, and i can’t figure out how to make internet calls with it.

  9. Sven 5 months later:

    Where can i get the firmware upgrader?

  10. Nokia Guru 6 months later:

    Hi to all…can you imagine that i bought nokia e61 -> only 285 USD :) yahooooo

  11. vcp-310 10 months later:

    Hey…does anybody use nokia e61i?

  12. vcp-310 10 months later:

    Yep…this is like nokia e61 but with camera…

  13. Federico 10 months later:

    I had some problems to update on my E61 just because is branded (Vodafone Ireland) but succeded by changing the product code. This is explained on my blog.



  14. ikol 11 months later:

    it is disappointing that the phone lacks a camera