It’s Network Cleaning Day. It’s been too long since I last cleaned up the computer room, much less the software lurking on random servers around the house. I’ve had one server that I’ve been unable to log into for over a month, and I just plugged a keyboard and mouse into it to fix it (it was a DNS problem; I kinda knew that).

The goal:

  1. Add 4 160GB drives + 3ware RAID card to the file server. Actually get it serving files again :-).
  2. Move DHCP server from file server to gateway box.
  3. Install apt-proxy, so I don’t have to download the same packages over and over again for all 3 debian boxes.
  4. Fix the slightly broken network connection on the file server. It loses packets and generates errors. Not enough to be really broken, just enough to occationally kill TCP performance. I’ve replaced the cable and switched switch ports in the past, so it’s time for a new NIC. This is actually a 3 year old problem, so it’s time to fix it…
  5. Move the wireless network onto its own segment so I have more control over it.
  6. Add a gig-e card to my file server, just so my laptop has a faster connection to the new RAID array.
  7. Get rid of nasty excess cables.
  8. Make sense of the mess of power strips.
  9. Clean up so cables for my laptop don’t run down the front edge of the desk.
  10. Get printing actually working right for once.

Should only take a couple hours, right?