I try to avoid commenting on business news, but this one really caught my eye:

SCO Group, the company embroiled in legal action around Linux and Unix, announces a $50 million investment by BayStar Capital, marking a reversal of plans it discussed in May. [CNET News.com]

This was driving me nuts; SCO running out of cash was one of my personal favorite scenarios for the end of the SCO/Linux/IBM/Redhat mess. My first reaction was something like “BayStar must die.” My next reaction was “their other holdings must die.” Still excessive, but it leads to the obvious question–who is BayStar, and who do they own? A bit of research into this shows that they’re already dead. They have bits of Multitude, Beenz, and a handful of other mostly-dead .coms. They proudly list Burst and Roxio (lawsuits, anyone?). Plus Pumatech, which seems to be singlehandedly killing off the Sidekick from within, at least according to my few remaining sidekick-owning co-workers.