I've tried searching for local-interest weblogs via Google a few times, but I've never really found anything interesting. It's hard to come up with the right set of keywords, and Google isn't location-sensitive, at least not yet.

This morning, I noticed this in my logs: - - [31/Oct/2003:05:14:30 -0800] 
   "GET /scott/index.rdf HTTP/1.0" 304 - "-" 
   "Localfeeds: Geographic Syndication, 
   http://www.localfeeds.com using UltraLiberalFeedParser/2.5.3
   0 scottstuff.net

Hmm. Could be cool. Since I just added latitude and longitude to my site yesterday, it seemed interesting, so I hit them up to see who else it knew about within 5 miles of home, and it returned 4 or 5 interesting results. It'll even export an RSS aggregation of local blogs for you. Cool.

So take a look at http://www.localfeeds.com/, and add a ICBM tag to your website.