I'm still playing with the book store event calendar that I was talking about a day or two ago. I've cleaned up the code a little bit, split each bookstore into its own iCalendar file, reorganized the /books directory on scottstuff.net, and installed PHP iCalendar. So, here's where we stand:

  • You can go to http://scottstuff.net/books/ and see all of the events on a convenient calendar.
  • From the calendar, you can subscribe to each of the individual iCalendar files for each bookstore.
  • You can manually subscribe to the aggregate of all 4 bookstores via webcal://scottstuff.net/books/calendars/seattle.ics.
  • PHP iCalendar can provide an RSS feed for each individual calendar, but it doesn't work very well for me right now; I'll probably write an RSS feed directly when I have time.
  • The calendar page looks totally different from the rest of the site. I started to adjust the CSS for it, but it's a bigger job then I feel like tackling right now.

I'll probably add Barnes and Noble sometime this weekend.