The Seattle Times says that there's a new artisanal cheese store/factory opening up in the Pike Place Market. I've been missing good cheese as of late; pity I don't have time to drop by this afternoon and pick some up for tomorrow.

The Puget Sound Business Journal has more details--it's in the old Molbak's space.

Also, there's some discussion that suggests that they're going to do butter and ice cream in a couple weeks.

Update: Okay, I'm weak. I stopped by after work and bought cheese for tomorrow. Mmm. Cheese. Anyway, it's an interesting little store. It's obvious that the owner has experience with upscale food stores (he more or less owns Pasta & Co., according to the paper), and this really feels like it's a test store so they can get their three-ring-binder in shape before rolling out copies. That's not a bad thing; the store seems decent, and I'd love to see more good cheese in the world. They still need to work on a few things, though. Service was pretty slow, and they could barely keep up with the small-ish crowd that had developed. But, they're only a week old; they'll get better.