We went out to Canlis with some friends on Friday. For those who aren't familiar with Canlis, it's one of the few dressy restaurants in Seattle. They're more of a Special Occasion place then a Good Food place, but that's not to say that the food is bad. It's just that other places have better food for less money. They don't have Canlis's view or atmosphere, though.

I don't really know what happened this time, but everything was just a bit off. They felt really crowded, their valets were behind picking up and dropping off cars, and the waiter wasn't quite right. My wife ordered the chicken, which arrived half-raw (the center half inch was still translucent pink), and my Wasyugyu steak had 2-3 chunks of gristle. They tried to compensate for the chicken by bringing my wife a complementary desert, which would have worked, except she'd already ordered the apple pie. So, they brought her the pumpkin custard (which was decent), but not the pie that she'd ordered and wanted to try.