I just added another round of bug fixes and upgrades to my book events page. First, I fixed another round of University Books format weirdness, where some phrases ("STANDING ROOM ONLY") were interpreted as the author's name. Second, I fixed some similar problems with Third Place books. Third, and most importantly, I added a way for users to enter the ISBN numbers of books that don't currently have ISBNs. I have a script that tries to match up author name/title pairs with ISBNs via Amazon's web services, but sometimes it doesn't work. Like, when Third Place Books mis-spells the author's name, just to pick on one bookstore. So, I have been manually entering these via a command-line tool. Now, everyone can play along--whenever an event without an ISBN is displayed, an ISBN entry box will appear. Just enter the ISBN number there, and the web service code will kick off, filling out the correct (according to Amazon) title and author, along with a few other fields. It's still wrong sometimes, but it's better then anything else I can come up with, short of the bookstores getting their data right in the first place :-).