Well, it snowed today. They were calling for up to 6 inches, but I can only see 3 inches on the ground here. As usual, the forecast overstated the amount of snow to expect.

They didn't overstate the traffic problems, though. I drove in to work around 9:00 today, and it was a piece of cake. 405 was clear and mostly dry, and 520 was only a little slow. 5 was slick, but there was no traffic. It wasn't until I got off the freeway that the real fun began--I tried driving down Columbia. From 6th to 5th I mostly slid, but there was no one in the way, and I managed to stop only slightly into the crosswalk. From 5th to 4th I did a bit better, but I was still sliding slightly sideways by the bottom of the block. I had a green light so I continued through the intersection and stopped to see what to expect between 4th and 3rd. Good thing I stopped--there was a 3-car wreck sideways on the road, leaving only one lane open. Fortunately, there was a metered parking spot open right in front of me, so I parked and walked to the office.

I was the only person in the office. Everyone else was working from home today, apparently. Around noon, I checked on my car, and the wreck was clear, and the road was closed. There was a freezing rain rumor going around, and the snow was still coming down hard, so I decided to get out of downtown before I was stuck waiting out the storm. The commute home was mostly uneventful--I slid down Columbia to 3rd, which was a little slick, and then took University back uphill to 5, then on to 520. The bridge was deserted--at one point, I couldn't see anyone in front of me or behind me--but the traffic picked up as soon as I reached the east shore. From there to 405, it was stop and go, on ice. Every time I started, I slid a few inches towards the divider. Great fun. 405 was bumper to bumper as well, at least through Kirkland.

So, what does this prove? Seattle can't drive in the snow. Except for the downtown hills, none of the roads seemed particularly bad. The real problem was all of the other drivers, and the accidents blocking lanes and causing rubernecking. More plows would have helped, too.