It seems like there's always something interesting lurking in web access logs, but actually finding the interesting bit is a pain in the neck. For instance, over the past day or so, I discovered that I was briefly the #1 Google listing for "andy serkis seattle" and that Lockergnome included me on their list of 2004 PDA predictions. I didn't see that coming. Cool. My MPx200 notes have generated a bit more traffic then usual, too, and they're only a day or so old. Searches for the Sony/Ericsson CAR-100 have finally slacked off; google was sending me piles of CAR-100 traffic for a while.

I'm seeing a bit of referrer spam, too--mostly for Either that, or they've linked to me somewhere that I can't see, and that link has generated a dozen hits over the last month, all from different IP addresses in different countries.

The thing is, I spotted all of these trends manually, by running tail -f on the log files, and then grepping for interesting strings. None of the web log analyzers seems quite appropriate for blog traffic. And, interestingly enough, searching for "web log analyzer" in google hits way too many (web logs) on (analysis). If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, feel free to leave a comment.