I keep forgetting that I enjoy working in the yard. We hauled 3 more yard-waste bins worth of branches, leaves, and moss out of the yard this weekend, and thew down a bit of extra grass seed in the back yard. It's probably too early in the year for it to really take, but grass seed is cheap, and weeds are already starting to grow, so grass can't be far behind.

I also made a nice dent in the mess that is our garage. I finally made myself go through the boxes from my office at Internap, and recycled several years worth of old purchase orders and meeting notes. I saved the Perl manuals and blank CD-Rs, but pretty much everything else went into the trash. Good riddance.

Now, if I can just get one more good weekend's worth of yard work in before spring kicks in, I'll actually be ahead for the first time since we moved in four years ago.