My spam is missing.

I used to receive over 100 spams per day, but that was mostly due to forwarding from a former employer. Once the forwarding stopped, I was still receiving around 20 spams per day. Recently, though, they’ve all but stopped. I only received 5 spam messages yesterday.

It’s not a filter issue–spam only rarely makes it through the filter gauntlet into my inbox. For some reason, spammers aren’t sending me as much spam as usual. My usual spam load isn’t very diverse, it’s possible that only one or two spammers make up the bulk of my spam. Maybe they’re on vacation. Maybe they removed me from their lists for some reason (ha, right). Maybe the CAN-SPAM law scared them straight (ha, right). Maybe whoever’s been paying them for spam stopped (ha).

Or maybe I’ll get 50 tomorrow, just to even out the average.