I upgraded to 10.3.3 over lunch today, and everything seemed to go well. The network browsing support in the Finder is nice, and things seem slightly zippier across the board.

It took me a couple hours to notice the first problem: I can no longer sync my palm (Sony Clie T615c) via the cradle. Something, somewhere is missing, and the palm times out without connecting to the sync software on the computer. Google is nice, but it’s worthless when you’re looking for problems in software that’s only 2 hours old.

Fortunately, the cradle problem isn’t fatal–my PowerBook is old enough that it still has an IR port, so I can use it for syncing. It’s slower, but it works well enough, and I’ve done it before, when I’ve forgotten to drag the cradle home from work. It’s aggravating, though.

At this point, I’m just counting the days until Palm introduces something exciting enough to get me to replace this old Sony. What I want is a union of the Tungsten C and the Tungsten T3. Bluetooth and 802.11, a big screen and a keyboard, and the fast CPU and big RAM that the two share.