It’s turning into a Bad Tech Day. I lost one cheap Ethernet switch today, had weird failures with another, had my wife’s Mac crash, and now my laptop drive is failing. I just love the clicking sound it’s making. It looks like I’m running to Fry’s and playing with Carbon Copy Cloner tonight.

Update (5/5/2004 10am): It’s dead, Jim. The laptop drive died hard in the middle of running Carbon Copy Cloner. I think I got all of the important stuff ($HOME, /Applications, /Library) off of it before it croaked, but this is still really annoying. I’m probably going to have to track down my Panther install CDs to recover from this. At this point, the Powerbook won’t even boot–I just get the modern version of the sad mac face.

Update (5/5/2004 12:40pm): It’s back. I let it sit for an hour, and then it miraculously started booting again. I was able to keep it running long enough to finish copying 33 GB onto the new drive. I’m now back up and running using the new 60 GB external drive, which I’ll swap with the internal drive once I finish today’s big release at work.