So, I’ve been trying to upgrade my DSL at home for over two weeks now. Verizon has switched packages, and I can go from 768128 to 1500384 for $10/month. Since I’m currently limited by the uplink speed for a lot of things (VoIP, SSH from work, web serving), this is basically a 3x speed upgrade. My line supports it, my hardware supports it, and I’m only 7800 feet from the CO.

Easy upgrade, right?

Oh, wait. I said Verizon, didn’t I?

So far, nothing has happened. I’ve spent over 90 minutes on the phone with Verizon people. No one can quite explain why I haven’t been upgraded. The first one thought it should happen in 24-48 hours. Monday’s answer was 2-3 days. Today’s first offer was “5 days or so,” but after escalating and sitting on hold for most of an hour (frankly, the only thing that office speakerphones are really good for), they’re claiming that it should be up later today. Which is good, since they’ve been billing me for the higher speed since the first.

Nuke ‘em from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Update (June 17, 2004): Still broken. Today’s tech pulled out a page on the excuse calendar: “Need to upgrade from Frame-Relay DSL to ATM DSL.” Unfortunately, according to DSL Reports, that’s code for “you’re screwed.” They’re saying that I need to cancel my current DSL service, re-order new service on the same line, and put up with dial-up for a month or so while they straighten it out. Technically, it’s about 5 minutes worth of work, but they’re a telco. Did I mention that they’ve been billing me for the higher speed for almost 3 weeks now? It’s just about time to pull out my “Complain to PUC” card.