Pretty much everyone is buzzing about the latest Treo update rumor. Basically, it adds a few UI refinements, bluetooth, a better camera, a slightly faster CPU, and a 320x320 display. The Treo 600’s 160x160 display is just too low for me to consider. On the other hand the Treo Ace/Treo 610/Treo 660, as rumored, isn’t that far from my ideal PDA. I’d be happier if it had 802.11, 64 MB of RAM, and a 320x480 display, but the specs given are probably good enough for me to swap my Clie and T616 (and $500) for a Treo. Given the choice between the Tungsten T4 and the Treo Ace, I’d probably go with the Treo 4 times out of 5.

As cool as the new Treo rumor is, I’m still waiting to see what PalmOne does with the Tungsten C line. All things considered, a fuller-featured Tungsten C2 would probably be the best fit for my needs.

Update 7/29/2004: The TreoCentral article linked above is long gone. Try Engadget’s page instead.

Update 8/26/2004: There are a few more details available now. It looks like the name’s going to be “Treo 650”.