Okay, this is just strange. As mentioned before, I have a Cisco 7940 IP Phone in my kitchen, currently connected to a Linksys WET11 wireless Ethernet bridge. I’ve been having problems lately with weird connection failures, which I assumed was caused by low signal strength.

That is, until I looked at my logs. Apparently the phone has left my network and migrated onto one of my neighbors’ networks, because the phone is now logging in from Comcast’s IP space. This is strange on several fronts–first, the WET11 is supposed to be hard-coded to use my SSID. Second, I’ve never seen any of my neighbors’ networks from my PowerBook, and I’ve looked around a few times, just to see if I could track down the source of my interference.

I’ll try moving everything to a different channel tonight and see if that helps. Failing that, I guess I’ll have to pull out my drill and start pulling Cat 5 through the basement this weekend.