Engadget is torturing me. They have a brief report up on Vonage’s new WiFi SIP phone, and at the end of the article, they dropped this little snippet:

Oh, and they have a softphone VoIP client that’ll work on the new Treo 610/Treo Ace and other Palm handhelds on the way. We’ll obviously have way more on all of this in a few weeks.

Thanks, guys, that’s really helpful. The interesting thing that the leaked specs for the Treo Ace don’t really include a network interface that’s suitable for VoIP–it has Bluetooth, but that’s too short-range to really be practical for a SIP phone. Now, remember that the Treo Ace leak came from Sprint, who, along with Verizon, uses CDMA phones. Neither CDMA provider goes for cutting-edge phones. Even Bluetooth is usually to racy for them. Given that, I suppose that there’s a slim chance that the GSM version of the Treo Ace could include WiFi, but I’d view it as really unlikely. It’s slightly less unlikely that there will be two GSM models, one with 802.11 and one without, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that, either. I haven’t heard a single leak that suggests that a WiFi Treo is on the way.

On the positive side, the fact that they’re talking about the new Treo and saying that they’ll provide more details in a few weeks gives me some hope that it’ll be announced before too much longer. Although I wasn’t all that excited by the initial Treo Ace leak, I’ve become increasingly interested in it as time goes on. At this point, I wouldn’t say that I’m chomping at the bit to buy one, but I’ll give it some serious consideration once it’s announced. Especially if it’s able to talk SIP to my home Asterisk server.