Last weekend’s wedding pictures are completely sorted and adjusted in C1. The last batch of them is now processing. All in all, I ended up with 292 images. I was aiming for 200, but at this point, I don’t have time to find another 92 to remove. It’s easier to just spend the time and money to process and print proofs of the extra 92 frames.

Actually, that’s cheating slightly–there are around a dozen shots that I want to open up in Photoshop and convert to B&W. That shouldn’t take long though, and I can’t do that until C1 finishes rendering another 1,400 of so images–fill-size TIFFs and web JPEGs for the final 98 frames, plus 4 different printable color-corrected JPEGs for all 292 images.

I really enjoy photography, and shooting weddings in particular, but the image editing time is killing me. That seems to be a common sentiment among photographers.