I’ve spent all day today split between two tasks. On one hand, I’ve been trying to finish all of the wedding pictures; at this point the web gallery is complete, and C1 is almost done rendering all of the printable images. Considering that it started at 11:00 last night, it’s a clear sign that I need to go buy a G5.

Unfortunately, that was the easy job. With the help of my brother-in-law, I’ve been pulling Ethernet cable through the house all day. So far, we’ve pulled wire and terminated plugs in 6 rooms, but actually getting to all of those rooms was a major pain. We have wire running through two different attics, both garages, a crawl space, and into rooms on three different floors of the house. We’re both exhaused, and I’m not quite done yet–I need a RJ11 keystone jack, one more keystone coverplate, and some drywall repair goop. Oh, plus an extra Ethernet switch. Fun stuff. I wonder if any of it works right.

Update: Yeah, it works. Mostly. I killed our home phone service for an hour or so while trying to shoehorn the kitchen’s legacy POTS line into a keystone jack; in the end, I hand-twisted the red and green wires together for the night; tomorrow I’ll go buy something more suitable that will let me splice together a working phone system. Other then that, everything’s good. The Cisco 7940 in the kitchen is up and pingable, and that’s an improvement over our recent wireless networking performance.

Asterisk logs whenever a SIP phone becomes unreachable. It’s looked like this recently:

MonthNumber of unreachables

Clearly, whatever’s been causing problems has been getting worse. Since each of these events is enough to kill an in-progress phone call, I now understand why my wife has been pushing me to fix the phone.