It looks like Canon is just about to announce a new DSLR. I can’t find the specs on their website yet, but they’ve posted a press kit full of pictures. There are some specs floating around on the net: * EOS-20D * 8.2 MegaPixels * DIGIC II * 1:1.6x Crop * 9 Point focusing * 1/8000s Max Shutter speed * 5fps Continuous speed * 25 frame buffer * EF-s support * E-TTL II support * 0.2sec startup time * 50g lighter than 10D

I’m not sure what’s up with the AF system, but the rest of the specs look just about right to me. I’d love a camera with a slightly faster frame rate then my D60, about twice the buffer capacity, and faster startup times, and that’s about what this provides. They even threw in a couple extra pixels, not that it really matters. The rumored price is $1,600 MSRP, $1,300 street, which is pretty good. The official announcement is due on Friday.

There’s also a rumor of a 10-22 EF-S zoom. EF-S lenses only work with the 300D (“Digital Rebel”) and the new 20D, so the new lens isn’t very useful on my D60, but wow–10mm is wide. Sigma and Nikon both make 12-24mm zooms, but 10mm is a new record, at least on a 35mm-like body. Unfortunately, since the Nikon 12mm zoom is over $1,000 and the Sigma is up around $700, the Canon lens will probably be kind of pricey.