Rumors are swirling about the next Tungsten-series PDA from PalmOne.

I like Engadget’s rumor. Their T5 is a 320x480 tablet, similar to the Clie TH55, but with PalmOS “Cobalt”, 128 MB of RAM, a 520 MHz CPU, Bluetooth, and WiFi. They have a photo, but you can’t really trust fuzzy pictures these days. It does look right, though.

Brighthand has a different rumor. Their T5 has 256 MB RAM, a 400 MHz CPU, and (probably) just Bluetooth.

Brighthand’s specs seem kind of unlikely to me–the 400 MHz CPU means that it’s not using Intel’s current generation of XScale CPUs, and 256 MB of RAM is probably excessive–none of their current models ship with more then 64 MB.

Either way, we should know in a couple months. All of Palm’s high-end PDA are getting long in the tooth.

Personally, I don’t think I can buy a model without a keyboard. The current Tungsten C is okay-looking, but I need bluetooth to talk to my GPS receiver, and no one really expects Palm to update the C anytime soon, if ever. That leaves the Treo 650 as the most likely contender for Scott’s New Palm Budget.

Update: The one that I liked is a hoax. Nothing to see here, keep moving.