One of the things about startups is that you tend to outgrow office space fairly rapidly. At Internap, I think I had 5 different offices in my first two years, and my current job hasn’t been far behind–we moved into office number 4 last week, just in time for my 2-year anniversary. This is the first time that we’ve been in our own space, though. The previous places were all in Regus’s temporary office space in the Bank of America Tower in Seattle–the tallest building in town, and a pinnacle of impersonal 1980’s corporate architecture. It’s full of lawyers and bank workers. I’m glad to be out.

The corporate website hasn’t been updated with the address of our new office, so I won’t mention it here, but it’s a nice art-deco building from the late ‘20s. We have a floor to ourselves, and room to spread out. It feels like home, which Regus never did.

The combination of the move and a couple big projects at work have kept me from blogging much over the past few weeks. Hopefully the next few months will be more productive on both fronts, now that we’re settled in at work and back into the normal flow of work.