I can’t believe it. After months and months of trying to upgrade my DSL, everything is finally up and running on my new DSL line. The line wasn’t supposed to go live until Friday evening, but Verizon sent me mail today with my IP address and claimed that it’s up and running. And, indeed, it is.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite as prepared as I thought I was; I’d forgotten to change the DNS TTL on scottstuff.net, so people may have a hard time getting through to this site for a couple days. Oops. Other then that, though, everything seems to be up and running perfectly. The sample size is still kind of small, but smokeping suggests that my average ping time has improved drastically–I was seeing numbers from 25 to 800 ms before. Right now, the line looks flat at 30 ms. That’ll probably break a bit once traffic picks back up on the website, but I should be able to keep it under 100 ms, easy.

I’ll post more details later tonight or tomorrow, along with a review of the Sangoma S518 PCI ADSL card. I have to put the kids to bed first, though.