I received my first three pieces of trackback spam overnight. By blog receives tons of comment spam, most of which are blocked by MT-Blacklist, but I haven’t seen any trackback spam before, even though I’ve been expecting it for over a year. Since trackback is designed to be automated, it seems like it’d be easier to abuse then comment spam. Fortunately, a few relatively simple steps should help stop trackback spam. A quick verification step would probably stop most of it–if you hand me a trackback URL, and I go fetch it, is there a link to my page anywhere on the trackback page?

One quick-and-easy suggestion for stopping comment spam–add </a> to your blacklist. MT 2.6 allows HTML in comments, even though it’s not supposed to, and comment spammers always try to stick links in there. Since my comment page isn’t supposed to allow HTML anyway, this does a great job of blocking spam.