I’ve never really figured out why, but Google really likes me. Or, rather, it likes this blog. I keep showing up amazingly highly-ranked in common Google searches. Today’s example is treo wifi. In order, here are the top 10 results, out of 2.2 million possible matches:

  1. TreoCentral: No Treo WiFi
  2. TreoCentral: Treo 600 and WiFi?
  3. .:UNEASYsilence: Treo 650 WiFi
  4. PDA News: Treo 650 WiFi, Verizon announces XV6600, PalmOne…
  5. scottstuff: another WiFi solution for the Treo 650
  6. Slashdot: Enthusiast Hacks WiFi Into Treo 650
  7. CNet: Treo 650 Update WiFi-less
  8. Engadget: Add WiFi to your Treo 650! SD WiFi card drivers hacked
  9. Engadget: some random search page
  10. PalmInfocenter: HOWTO: Make that palmOne Treo 650 Even Better!

So, as I see this, Google sees me as a better source of information then Slashdot, CNet, Engadget, and PalmInfocenter? It can’t just be PageRank–from what I can see, I’m just a lowly PR5 this month, while Slashdot and CNet are PR9s, and Engadget is a PR6. It can’t be the number of links in Google’s database, because no one links to my Treo WiFi page. Can anyone explain how this works?