I’ve been playing with Trac a bit recently for a hobby project, and I’m really impressed. Trac is an open-source project management application that combines bug tracking, a wiki, and a Subversion browser into a nicely integrated little package. You can think of it as a sort of light-weight do-it-yourself SourceForge, minus the mailing lists and hosted downloads.

One of its cooler features is the ability to provide a single integrated RSS feed that lists SVN checkins, bug tracker progress, and wiki changes all in a single feed.

Unlike certain other bug trackers, Trac’s bug database is actually usable by mere mortals. It does a nice job balancing complexity and simplicity while still being reasonably configurable. For instance, it’s really easy to change Trac’s bug priority and severity options–just run trac-admin on the command line and use its priority and severity commands. Like Joe, I agree that 5 priority levels are at least 2 too many.