(via Gizmodo) PalmAddict claims that PalmOne is going to release a new model in late April. The T6 specs provided look more like a wishlist then an actual list of features that Palm would build into one of their devices:

  • OS 6 (with scalable fonts)
  • Bluetooth
  • Wavelan
  • 1 GB Flash
  • 3 Megapixel Cam
  • New connector (ethernet included)
  • VGA resolution 640 x 480
  • Graffiti 2 plus (with voice commands)
  • Interface to iTunes (Apple iPod)
  • The device is maximum 200 grams
  • Automatic software update over internet
  • Compatibility mode for pocket Windows is built in
  • Initial price is around $400
  • Launch date approx end of April

I’d love to see this, but I just can’t see it happening. In particular, I don’t see them putting out a new connector–the just changed it with the T5/Treo 650, and it’d be crazy to do it again. Also, who wants wired Ethernet to their PDA? Wireless, sure, but I’ve never heard anyone ask for a PDA with wired networking. I’m assuming that “wavelan” means some form of WiFi; hopefully Palm has finally seen the light on this front and will stop releasing high-end models that are put to shame by low-end PocketPCs.

The funny thing is that I was wondering yesterday when Palm was going to release their next handheld. They’ve traditionally done Spring/Fall releases, but they’ve been falling down lately. Since they’re clearly in danger of becoming irrelevant, the release of a model with even half of the features listed here could go a long ways towards regaining their mindshare. Now a Treo with half of these features would have me jumping up and down. Pity that VGA Treos with WiFi probably won’t show up until 2007 or so.