Okay, so yesterday’s rumor has been thoroughly scoffed at, so it’s time for a new rumor. Today’s buzz suggests that Palm has a whole new product family under development to complement today’s Zire, Tungsten, and Treo families. The only details floating around are: * 4 GB of internal storage * WiFi * Bigger then Tungsten T5 * New sub-brand (not “Tungsten”)

Since 4 gigs of flash costs about the same as a whole Palm, this rumor suggests that Palm is using a 4 GB 1” hard drive, like the model in the iPod mini. This wouldn’t be the first PDA with a hard drive–Sharp’s had one for months–but it would be the first one on sale outside of Japan.

So, if it’s not a Tungsten, then what is it, and what market are they aiming towards? Gaming? Media player? Portable web browser? Laptop replacement? Knowing Palm, they’ll probably screw it up beyond belief, but one can always hope.