For some reason, the trackpad on my PowerBook started acting up this morning. Once or twice per minute, the mouse pointer just stops moving. Picking my finger up and waiting for a couple seconds usually fixes it; tapping hard on the trackpad seems to work, too. I rebooted, and it didn’t seem to happen while I was sitting at the login screen, but it restarted as soon as I logged in. So, it could be a software issue. Ugh. As it is, it’s really awkward to use the trackpad. I have a USB mouse that I bought to use with the laptop years ago, but I gave up on it after I got used to the trackpad. Now it looks like I might have to drag the mouse out of retirement, unless I can find a simple solution to the problem.

I think this is my Mac’s way of telling me to order a new PowerBook, but I’m not going to take the hint until the PowerBook G5 shows up.