I was looking at my web logs last night, and noticed that (as usual) I was seeing a lot of hits coming from Google searches, but a lot of them were from country-specific Googles like google.co.uk, not just google.com. So, out of curiosity, I spent a few minutes writing a couple little scripts so see just how many different Googles have sent traffic to my site over the last year or so. The answer?


Yep, 90 different countries worth of Google, counting .com as a country. The full list is below the break. Here’s the full list, including the most common search terms from each country:

RankCountryHitsMost common search terms
1.com44492asterisk treo 650 ace mythtv 600 phone seattle pap2 tivo
2Canada2869asterisk treo 650 mythtv pap2 600 to vs linksys sip
3United Kingdom2341asterisk mythtv mpx200 treo review cisco x1a bluetooth infocus phone
4Germany1562asterisk fax sip bluetooth spandsp cisco mythtv subversion webdav apache
5Australia1107asterisk mythtv fax treo cisco config 650 review bluetooth to
6Netherlands842asterisk mythtv mpx200 review cisco modem fax bluetooth treo sip
7France817asterisk treo fax spandsp sip 650 modem smart bluetooth config
8Italy674asterisk fax mpx200 bluetooth treo modem rxfax scottstuff spandsp to
9Spain437asterisk mpx200 tablet review fax pc motorola modem mini linux
10Sweden405asterisk mythtv sip review treo fax to tungsten linux dvg-1120
11Belgium335asterisk mythtv review cisco modem infocus x1a mpx200 tungsten fax
12Denmark320asterisk pictures sip christmas bluetooth mythtv cisco review vancouver fax
13Switzerland306asterisk treo mythtv fax config sip 650 subversion x1a infocus
14India304asterisk to in for how treo linux sip 650 the
15Brazil282asterisk modem pap2 linksys fax config sip tungsten example t4
16Poland250asterisk fax pap2 modem mpx200 linksys bluetooth sco.pl sip spandsp
17New Zealand232asterisk cisco mythtv treo fax example modem call to 7912
18Singapore230treo asterisk 650 review mpx200 ace vs wifi to pc
19Austria215asterisk fax cisco bluetooth call config forwarding modem spandsp infocus
20Finland177asterisk mythtv mpx200 linux review dvd fax motorola bittorrent d2x
21Russian Federation170asterisk mpx200 modem fax sip.conf linux voice for sip rxfax
22Malaysia168asterisk mpx200 treo tungsten 650 digium fax review bluetooth to
23Mexico164asterisk treo sip pap2 fax 650 example linksys and echo
24Argentina145asterisk modem example pap2 linksys review ivr mpx200 cdr fax
25Norway142asterisk mythtv modem sip cisco 7970 extensions.conf call voice example
26Hungary130asterisk mpx200 review linux fax attribute config modem bluetooth motorola
27Japan120asterisk treo flipstart mac spaceship one sd pictures palmos ruby
28Taiwan117asterisk treo 650 ivr rxfax wifi one linux spaceship ace
29Hong Kong109treo asterisk 650 vs 600 sip wifi canon bluetooth and
30Ireland108asterisk mythtv with ireland pictures ruby balance a to scraping
31Philippines100treo asterisk 650 600 vs ecs tablet pc and pap2
32Portugal97asterisk modem fax treo 650 bacula sip phone scottstuff example
33Turkey94mpx200 asterisk review motorola call phone card pc linux pap2
34Greece92asterisk mpx200 modem call sip motorola bluetooth review dial and
35South Africa89asterisk fax to mpx200 mythtv on analog email bluetooth extensions.conf
36Thailand77asterisk config modem ecs treo 650 ez30 bluetooth tablet phone
37Romania75asterisk cisco modem book linux pictures motorola for config example
38Chile72asterisk fax tungsten modem t4 treo cdr 600 example
39Korea, Republic of54asterisk treo review * flipstart 650 ace ruby linux fax
40Pakistan47asterisk sip cisco exten fax in config for is s
41Peru45asterisk fax linksys extensions.conf pap2 pbx in txfax friends album
42Ukraine44asterisk download cisco sip spandsp modem fax sccp 7940 palmos
43Israel43asterisk review t.38 treo sip 650 redial infocus calleridnum frys
44Lithuania40asterisk bluetooth pictures easter txfax room pc amber levy.the bombs
45Vietnam39asterisk config voicemail pictures story webdav apache easter subversion capacitor
46Colombia37asterisk config treo ivr pbx voicemailmain mini pc sl-c3000 modem
47Venezuela30asterisk innova flashlight echo voicemail database with on pap2 modem
48Latvia27asterisk fax backups palm samples disc attribute 195 spam s.m.a.r.t
49Dominican Republic25asterisk cisco 7940 pbx to html scraping with cheating scripts
50Slovak Republic25asterisk easter pictures linux vlan phone xorp cisco spaceship history
51Indonesia24650 treo 600 router comparison vs ecs asterisk pictures cisco
52United Arab Emirates17the of i speed treo mpx200 environment good importance working
53Uruguay17asterisk modem codec nufone serial config mpx200 review example sdk
54Luxembourg16asterisk fax push talk to powerbook pocketpc 2004 noc network
55American Samoa16treo seattle 650 asterisk wifi ace importing berke sled extension
56Malta16asterisk config bluetooth rxfax yours t5 pots extensions.conf review zapata.conf
57Cote d'Ivoire11asterisk 2004 companies fax personal 82 numbers in config directory
58El Salvador10asterisk bad t4 command script 600 pci a and siemens
59Costa Rica9asterisk fax config ringtones 7912 in to how spandsp mythtv
60Nicaragua9asterisk to voice virtual force download my add connection a
61Kenya9cisco quagga vs asterisk nude usage g711ulaw cpu fax bytes
62Ecuador8seattle mystery novels f8e461 antimatter media language one spaceship reader
63Puerto Rico7600 asterisk hardware sql via 2006 canon injections 20d 650
64Mauritius6asterisk keyboard files wav storing review mythmusic iax2 configuration mpx200
65Guatemala5nufone minitabletpc from canada absolutetimeout voip to how down wet11
66Saudi Arabia5photo wav ringtones vcard frame25 flipstart
67Honduras5asterisk linksys pap2-na earpiece ivr bandwidth doesnt mpx200 forwarding call
68Trinidad and Tobago5600 failed spooling a stuff tape raid mac in 650
69Rwanda4asterisk echo free linux wan to router us building cancelation
70Libyan Arab Jamahiriya4libyan network libya nic.ly hadi networking computer spider nassr
71Jamaica3asterisk pbx baking bay company pap2-na fax linksys elliot
72Bolivia3tecnomilton configuration asterisk raid how array resync
73Cuba3asterisk dial number example outgoing pbx answersip cdrasterisk voip-info
74Uganda3iax.conf score asterisk example filter upgrading maildrop
75Azerbaijan3asterisk applications
76Namibia3driver asterisk bluetooth channel ppp isp zaptel
77Micronesia, Federal State of2notification raid-5 automatic type space movable email
78Gibraltar2control nikon canon 100 vs pc car d2x
79Antigua and Barbuda2treo 650 wifi
80Paraguay2asterisk fax and faxing with
81Fiji1wimax stories
82Mongolia1asterisk extensions.conf sip.conf
83Burundi1svn checkout
84Kazakhstan1ldap cgp 1000
85Kyrgyzstan1smart prefailure attribute
86Jersey1easter pictures
87Greenland1a without line tivo series 1 phone setup
88Liechtenstein1linux adapter voip using locked
89Armenia1pap2 digits dial-plan linksys
90Nepal12005 events autism japan