I’ve spent most of the evening playing with Typo, and I believe I’ve fixed all of the problems that I was seeing this morning. Most of the problems that I saw were caused by the import script; adding a bunch of ORDER BY clauses suddenly made it import items in the same order that they were originally created.

At this point, I’m nearly ready to make it live. I just have three issues left:

  1. Typo doesn’t ask for email addresses for comments, even though there’s a spot in the DB for them. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to respond to people when the can provide me with an email address, even if it’s never published.

  2. Similarly, there’s no way for it to display my email address. This should just be a quick template hack.

  3. Finally, I really dislike Typo’s default date format. Instead of providing an exact date, it says things like “Posted by Scott 672 days ago.” It looks cool for recent entries, but it’s pointless for anything more then a couple weeks old.

That’s pretty much it. Once those are done, I’ll make Typo my primary blog and start turning Movable Type off. If anyone’s interested, they can see my work-in-progress Typo blog, although I don’t guarantee that it’ll always be running.