As of about 5 minutes ago, the Typo version of this blog is now live, and the old Movable Type version is disabled. All old URLs should still work–I spent quite a bit of time generating a list of redirects to send each old page to the correct URL in Typo.

I still have a lot of template work to do–this site looks really plain to me, and I’ve been meaning to redesign the site for a while now, anyway. That should happen over the next week or so. I’d also like to implement threaded comments in Typo. The display end of threaded comments looks trivial to implement, but I’m not so sure about the other end of things.

Update–Wow, Typo publishes new articles way faster then MT did. From clicking the ‘Publish’ button in Ecto to seeing the new article appear in NetNewsWire is only a couple seconds. MT 2.6 took around a minute before the article was ready. On the downside, categories in Ecto seem to be broken.

If anyone sees problems with the new site, either leave a comment here or send me mail. Thanks.