We broke down and bought Katamari Damacy this weekend. Unfortunately, we had to buy a Playstation 2 to go along with it, but it seems to be worth the cost.

Katamari is a weird little game. Your job is to roll your ball-like katamari (Japanese for clod or lump) around the game environment, picking up things as you go. When you roll over something that’s substantially smaller then the katamari, then it’ll stick and make the the katamari a bit larger. Keep this up long enough and you’ll go from picking up pushpins to picking up pets, people, trees, assorted zoo animals, houses, cars, oil tankers, and islands. It’s hilariously addictive, but simple enough that anyone can figure it out in under a minute.

Very cool. It’s also only $20 which isn’t too bad. Unless you need to buy a PS2 to play it on–then it adds up a bit.