I spent an hour or so this morning making sure that everything for this blog is checked into SVK and then created a couple new trees–one as a testing/staging area for the blog, and another for actual production use.

That gives me 4 branches that I use on a daily basis: 1. //typo/trunk–a copy of Typo’s public Subversion tree. 2. //typo/local–where I do development. 3. //typo/staging–where I stage changes to scottstuff.net. 4. //typo/production–the actual production website.

There are several site-specific changes that live in //typo/staging. This includes changes to the CSS for this site, local graphics, Adsense blocks, links, and eventually things like Flickr integration. They aren’t appropriate for //typo/local, because everything in the local tree is eventually supposed to be merged into the main Typo tree. The production tree has a couple additional changes that only make sense in the production tree–there are a couple small changes to Rails’s public/.htaccess file that need to be made every time I push a change from staging to production. Now that it’s all in SVK, I don’t need to worry about merging this sort of thing anymore–I just run svk smerge //typo/local //typo/staging to push local diffs to the staging area, and then svk smerge //typo/staging //typo/production once I’ve tested things in staging.