I’m basically finished with my last block of changes to Typo, and most of them have been merged upstream. At this point, I have most of the features that I care about, but there are still a few things left to do:

  • Implement the rest of the Movable Type API, including the DB fields behind all of the useful stuff. Basically, everything that’s available in common blog editors should be available in Typo.
  • Optionally link article keywords to Technorati tags.
  • Look into turning filters and sidebar items into plugins, where all that’s needed to add them is to drop their files into a directory and then enabling/disabling/reordering them from the admin pages. (sidebars are done: #157)
  • Add a Flickr text-formating plugin that will let me say something like [[flickr:scottlaird/24727421 "Some guy on a bicycle"]] and have that turned into a clickable image (with size tags) and a caption. I’m not sure what the right syntax will be for this–I know what Markdown uses, so I can avoid running into it, but I’m not all that familiar with Textile. It might be worth looking at Unicode-only brackets, like «» or 「」. Of course, adding untypable brackets sort of cuts down on the utility of shortcuts like this.
  • Add an Amazon text-formatting plugin that allows amazon:<ASIN> URLs and transforms them into links, optionally with affiliate ID attached. This is a lot less complex the the Flickr filter, because it can just search for <a href="amazon:...">.
  • Add a better way of mapping stacks of text-formatting filters to names. The Admin UI and the MT API both want symbolic names for filters; right now, this is hard-coded. It’d be nice to make this dynamically managed, but it looks like a total pain.


These used to be up above, but they’re done now.

  • Link to author’s email address if provided. (done, #156)
  • Add GeoURL support, with a tag in the headers for it and a config option for providing your latitude and longitude. (done, #154)
  • Add Flickr config parameters so adding Flickr doesn’t require editing the source. (done, #155)
  • Fix the Flickr sidebar so it doesn’t do weird things with portrait images–as it is, the border around the images fits landscape images perfectly but leaves a big gap with portrait images. Alternately, just use the square layout that flickr likes. (done, I’m using square images)

Update: Pretty much everything here is complete as of August 26th. See the Typo Wishlist wiki page for details on where we’re going from here.