I upgraded this site to Typo revision 351 last night. It was a bigger pain then I anticipated–there were conflicts with some of my local patches that took a while to find and fix. Now that it’s working, I’m really impresses–Typo now caches the HTML that it generates and gets Apache to serve it up directly without involving Typo at all whenever possible. This gives a huge speed increase, but it’s taken Tobias several revisions to get it all working correctly.

Unfortunately, I found another static caching bug one I put it up on my test site: caching only works when the Typo site lives in the root of a website. I have mine in a subdirectory (/blog/), and that did entertaining things to the caching system. It would work right for the first hit, but once the cache was generated then Apache would throw 400 errors every time the page was hit. That kinda sucked.

Fortunately, the fix wasn’t too hard, and now everything seems to be working perfectly. As usual, let me know if you see any bugs.