Om says that the Nokia 6682 is now availably directly from Nokia’s website for $599. The 6682 is Nokia’s current high-end business phone–you can spend more on one of their communicator models or on a fashion phone, but if you’re looking for a regular phone with lots of features, the 6682’s about as good as you’re going to do in GSM-land.

The site that started this also mentions that the Nokia N90 is nearly available. The N90 is basically a specialized camera-phone, with a real lens and a formfactor that’s designed to make the camera more usable. It also has the highest-resolution screen that I’ve ever seen on a phone–352x416. If it had WiFi like the N91, then I’d probably be drooling over it. As it is, I’m waiting to see what’s available in February when my current Cingular plan runs out. If the N91 actually includes a SIP client (as has been rumored), then I’ll be very tempted.