I spent almost two hours in an oral surgeon’s waiting room on Friday, waiting for him to fix my wife’s broken tooth (ouch!). While idly flipping through magazines, I found an article in Sunset on Jetty Island in Everett, WA. I’d never even heard of Jetty Island before, but it’s a narrow man-made island with a long, sandy beach in Everett’s harbor that was created as part of a failed construction project a century ago. The city of Everett runs a free ferry between Everett’s marina and the island every half-hour.

This afternoon, I was looking for something fun to do with the kids and decided to go check the island out. Cynthia wasn’t done recovering yet, so we left her at home and headed for the beach. The tide was out and it seems like the mudflats went on forever. The kids ran around for an hour and a half and had a great time. I put a few pictures on Flickr.

I can highly recommend Jetty island for those in the Seattle area with kids. I’m sure we’ll be heading back soon.