I was complaining to someone yesterday about my DSL bill, since I’m paying $80/month for 1.5384 service. Out of curiosity, I took a look on Verizon’s business DSL website and noticed that they don’t sell 1.5384 in my area anymore; the default is now 3.0/768 for the same price as before. So I called them up this morning and they’re doubling my line speed for free. It’ll take a day or two before it takes effect, but in a day or two I’ll either be:

  1. Happy with my new, fast service.
  2. Yelling at Verizon for completely screwing up my upgrade and knocking me off the net.

Anyone want to take bets on which one it’ll be?

Update: Well, I got my answer. I found this in the logs this morning:

Jul 27 00:22:35 guam kernel: wanpipe1: ADSL starting training 0x2 ...
Jul 27 00:22:35 guam kernel: wanpipe1: GP_LINK_DOWN, Training State
Jul 27 00:22:51 guam kernel: wanpipe1: Cell Delination successful
Jul 27 00:22:51 guam kernel: wanpipe1: GP_LINK_UP, State Trained
Jul 27 00:22:51 guam kernel: wanpipe1: ADSL Link connected (Down 3360 kbps, Up 704 kbps)
Jul 27 00:22:59 guam kernel: wanpipe1: Link connected!

There was also a “congratulations on your upgrade” email in my inbox. So it looks like the speed upgrade went through without a hitch. I have to say, this is the first really nice experience I’ve had with Verizon DSL in years. I’m feeling a lot better about them then I used to–six months ago I was getting 768128, now I’m getting 3.0/768 for the same price. I’m not feeling ripped-off any more.

A quick download test verifies that the speed really is faster–I’m getting 298 KB/sec from ftp-mirror.internap.com. Smokeping shows that my link’s lower-bound latency dropped overnight, and this morning’s latency graph is much less noisy then it was yesterday. Both of those are good for VoIP.

Update: I did a quick comparison with my old speeds. I was getting 1792442, now I’m getting 3360704. That’s an 88% increase in downloads and a 59% increase in uploads. Not quite the 2x boost that you’d expect, but still quite nice.