Gizmodo has a link to a big set of Xbox 360 marketing material. It’s mostly glossy marketing dreck, but there are a couple useful details hiding in there:

  • There will be a VGA cable available for the Xbox 360. It’ll cost $40, but that means that the 360 will be playable with existing computer monitors and projectors. This is something that Microsoft screwed up with the original Xbox design–they worked so hard to convince people that it wasn’t a PC that they left out a number of features that would have been useful, like real USB ports and a VGA connector.
  • The Xbox 360/Xbox 360 Core System comparison chart in the middle shows “Play Original Xbox Games” as one of the comparison items. The hard drive is required for Xbox compatibility. This has been rumored for months, but this is the first official statement that I’ve seen. Further down is says that “top-selling” games can be played on the 360, including Halo 2.