My little Typo filter project is finally nearing completion. I think I’ve been working on this for almost two weeks now, which makes it the most time-consuming Typo project that I’ve undertaken yet. I’ve added about 400 lines of code and 200 lines of new tests, and changed at least 400 more lines. Typo’s current trunk is only 2600 lines long, so I’ve touched almost 40% of the code.

At this point, almost everything works. I can drop new filters into components/plugins/textfilters and they’re immediately available for use. All of the current filters work (Textile, Markdown, SmartyPants), and I’ve added several new filters as well. There’s still a lot of cleanup left to do, and there are a bunch of corner cases that I need to write tests for, but the core code seems pretty solid, and it’s essentially feature-complete.