It looks like Ecto has a hard time with my previous posting. Ecto completely locked up on me when I tried to edit the article after adding a few ````` blocks. After that, Ecto wouldn’t even start up right–it only showed a single article on the blog and refused to let me click anywhere on the list screen, although the menu worked.

I had to completely remove all of Ecto’s application settings and cached blog entries, lower my saved article count back down to 20, and re-add my blog, and it’s still acting weird. I sense a bug report in my near future.

Update: Fixed. Adriaan spent most of an hour digging through logs and found that Typo was sending the article date in the wrong format–it was using a string when it should have been a date field. That changed in Typo a couple days ago in an attempt to work around a bug with another editor; I reverted it back to its original behavior and now everything’s fine. I take back everything bad that I ever implied about Ecto–it’s working perfectly for me now, and it’s great to be back in Ecto instead of MarsEdit (sorry Brent).