I misses posting it by a day, but scottstuff.net is now two years old. The first post was August 25, 2003.

Last year, I posted a bunch of statistics about how the first year went. Unfortunately, my log rotator went wild for a while earlier this summer, so I only have the most recent 4 months worth of log data, but a few comparisons are still in order.

My “one year of blog” post is post number 259 here; this one will be number 514, so I guess I’ve fallen slightly behind last year’s posting rate–I should have had 4 more articles this year. That’s amazingly consistent. Last year I had a total of 110 comments, this year the number’s up to 890, largely thanks to two articles.

I’ve clearly received a lot more traffic this year then I did last year. The Canon 5D article that I posted a couple weeks ago has received more hits this month then the top 4 articles from last year did over the entire year.

Unfortunately, switching from Movable Type to Typo a couple months ago makes it hard to calculate which pages were the most popular, because the URLs for pages changed. I have a conversion table somewhere, but I really don’t feel like spending the morning doing programming just to build up half-useless statistics. So instead, I’ll give a couple simple statistics and then move on.

Since April 18th (the oldest logs that I still have), I’ve logged a total of 1.25 million hits. That includes search engines, spam, graphics, and other floatsam, but it’s still a lot more traffic then I served up the year before. So far this month, awstats reports that I’ve taken a total of 482,000 hits, with almost 400,000 of those being from real visitors. Counting search engines, I’ve served over 9 GB so far this month, which is just amazing. I’ve served 20,784 unique visitors a total of 75,238 pages this month.

Hopefully next year will be better. At this rate I’ll have to pay someone for hosting within a year or so, because my little DSL pipe won’t be able to keep up with the traffic.