I got dragged to Alderwood Mall (just north of Seattle) today and discovered that they have a Nokia Kiosk just southwest of the Apple store. This seems to be run by Nokia itself, not a carrier or reseller, and they had a wide range of phones available, including the 6682 and 9300–the highest-end phones that Nokia is currently shipping in the US.

I didn’t ask, but I hope they’ll have the N90 and N70 later this year. I don’t expect to see the N91 in the US for another 6 months or so, but maybe they’ll have it eventually; it’d be really nice to be able to look one over before I have to decide if I’m going to order one or not.

After playing with the 6682 for a couple minutes, I’d love to see the N90’s display. The 6682’s display was much higher-resolution then I’d expected, and the the N90 has four times as many pixels in about the same space (416x352, 2.1” diagonal). I’m really curious what a 260 DPI LCD looks like. Not that I’d really like the phone, but I’d love to see the screen.